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Stylist & Film Maker

Wassim , is the eldest son of a small family, born and raised in Lebanon. During his early years he discovered his love for art and self expression. At school, he participated in school plays and his teachers helped him improve his personality and his love for theatre. So little they knew, he was observing their clothes and judging them indeed.   

After school, he chose to do his studies in cinema and filmmaking. During university years, he focused on filmmaking as well as art direction and visuals. He worked as art director on several projects, and he self produced three short movies.  

Wassim had the chance to get to know many individuals who helped him pursue his passion in creating styles and fashion, and so he began his journey as fashion stylist. Now he works as celebrity stylist and image consultant, as well as creative director.

Hope you enjoy my work.

My Portfolio

Fashion Stylist


celebrity stylist and image consultant. known for his sophisticated taste and his honest opinion. 

Services Offered: Personal shopping, image consultant & personal styling. 

Film Maker


observation and character study help him create his own version of the world he lives in.

his movies reflect an underground world filled with art, drama and social studies. 

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